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Good place for you in Tokyo.

Good place for you in Yokohama.

If you are trying to find a better apartment or house in Tokyo or Yokohama, we are willing to help you to find a nice one.
We can also give you useful information such as how to open a bank account, have a mobile phone, and so on in Japan if you wish.

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You will be able to find a nicer apartment or house with the help of  our English speaking staff.


Bank account


You can open a bank account smoothly with the help of our English speaking staff.


Mobile phone


You can also have a mobile phone easily with our assistance.



Renovated room


You can take our renovated room which is practical & nice looking in comparison to other normal apartments.


Follow up


You can ask us anything even a small thing while you live in Japan.




You can join our international soccer sessions in Tokyo or Yokohama if you would like to play. It is held on Tue., & Sun.